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Ever wonder how a regionally concentrated seed company like ours competes so successfully with the industry's corporate giants?

Broad Access
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As an independent seed company, Cornelius Seed has broad access to genetics and traits from multiple providers. Our product-development team searches for germplasm to maximize profitability for our customers.

Localized Performance
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Cornelius Seed focuses on products that excel in Iowa, southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and southern Minnesota known as Cornelius Country. This concentration allows for yield advantages in our products developed for specific circumstances including soil types and management practices. This sets us apart from large companies who select for broad geographic performance.

Quality Seed
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Cornelius Seed manages the many facets of seed production. We pride ourselves in putting the best product in the bag because our name is on the bag.

Local Expertise
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Cornelius Seed knows your soil, unlike the big seed companies, because we farm it too. It’s what gives us the unique ability to provide local, data-driven recommendations for products capable of maximizing your profit.

Good Neighbors
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We’re family owned and operated. We live and work in the center of Cornelius Country. This gives us a keen understanding of local growers’ needs. That’s a far cry from having corporate headquarters in a metropolis or foreign country.

Grower Approved:

"I like doing business with a local, family owned seed company. Cornelius Seed supplies me with superior products, services I want, and a personal connection."

Bart VanDeWalle

Seed Rep – Dixon, IA

Grower Approved:

“I plant Cornelius Seed because of the relationship we have built over the years. The employees and the family owners are good to work with. And the product will go head to head with anything.”

Kent Kelsey

Seed Rep – Iowa Falls, IA

Grower Approved:

“I work with Cornelius Seed because they’re a team I can rely on and I know I’ll get the support when I need it for my customers.”

Joey Lium

Seed Rep – Bancroft, IA

Grower Approved:

"I plant and sell Cornelius Seed. Product performance and seed quality are excellent. I really like that Cornelius Seed is a local family owned company who treats their customers and dealers like family."

Nick Hilby

Hazel Green, WI

Grower Approved:

"Our family farm can count on Cornelius Seed to deliver proven products, industry-leading technology, relevant information, and knowledgeable people year after year. The value of the Cornelius experience is second to none"

Bill Keleher

Benton, WI

Grower Approved:

“Our family has been involved with Cornelius since 1952. We have tried other brands enough to know we want to stay!”

Dan Zauche

Seed Rep – Peosta, IA

Grower Approved:

“For today’s grower who wants to work with great people, quality corn and soybean seed, look to Cornelius Seed to turn a profit on every acre.”

Frank Harnack

Seed Rep – Janesville, WI

Grower Approved:

“Being a third-generation Cornelius dealer, I really enjoy the family ownership, local decisions, great products and the excellent support staff.”

Brandon Friedlein

Seed Rep – Guttenberg, IA

Grower Approved:

“I have not seen the quality of seed and/or service from Cornelius ever being topped by anyone, even as a second-generation grower.”

Dan Rickels

Seed Rep – Anamosa, IA

Grower Approved:

"I see consistently high yields from a family-owned seed company. As an independent, they can choose technologies that best suit their farmer/customers."

Dave Struthers

Collins, IA

Grower Approved:

"It is a very good feeling to deal with a company where they all know who you are immediately when they see you. They truly understand that our success is their success."

Rodney Toenjes

Monticello, IA

Proven. Results.

Corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and more. Choose Cornelius Seed for the reliable results, profits, and a relationship you deserve.

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