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Values like yours

The Cornelius Seed mission is simple—to provide growers the genetics, traits, and service they need to realize more value per acre. And these are the principles that keep us moving forward:


To provide our customers with the industry’s leading genetics, traits and service to maximize profits on every acre.


Have our customers go beyond using and begin endorsing our products and services as ambassadors of Cornelius Seed.

Family values

Cornelius Seed operates on the same principles and beliefs as most American farm families—do things simply, fairly, efficiently, and well.

Proudly independent

We’re independent like you. That enables us to choose the best traits and products from multiple suppliers, and bring innovative choices your farm.

Consistent and fair pricing

You know better than anyone—farming is not a predictable business. But you can always count on Cornelius Seed to provide you quality seed at a consistent and valued price.

Efficient and personalized service

We’re always here for you, eager to share the management and agronomic practices you need to help your Cornelius Seed products perform at their highest levels.

Passion for maximizing your profits

All our decisions are driven by one objective—to help you increase your profitability per acre. It’s the unique focus that makes us different from our competitors.

Commitment to treating customers well

We begin each day by putting our best foot forward. That means treating customers, each other, and everyone else with the dignity, honesty, and respect they deserve.

With Cornelius Seed, when you plant it, you profit. And that’s because we take a farmer-first approach and treat you like our neighbor. We listen to your needs and deliver consistent results and profits by providing superior products designed for your soil. Staying current with the latest technologies and genetics, production and processing of our corn and soybeans are personally managed by the Cornelius family—because, just like you, we take pride in our work and deliver only our best. It’s how we’ve operated for five generations, and it’s how we always will.