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Partner to Profit Grower Summit 2019


Thank you to those who attended Partner to Profit 2019 Grower Summit!

If you missed it, here's a quick summary and links to download slides.


Craig Allaman provided agronomic insight on the best timing for corn planting along with the benefits of conservation tillage, utilizing nitrogen stabilizers and understanding the nitrogen cycle. Tar Spot has spread to Cornelius Country and Craig believes there's more diseases present on the corn plant that might be costing yield than Tar Spot alone.  Craig also discussed the benefits of early planting soybeans and the longer window for flowering to produce more nodes, and the ability to drop lower soybean populations. Will Cornelius shared his knowledge of soybean traits and their future.

Craig Allaman's Slides



Chris Barron discussed areas to review in order to maximize margin in your operation. Producing more bushels is the fastest way to increase your margins vs. only looking at cutting input costs. He provided ways to determine the different costs and profits per acre and insight on input costs in today's market.

Chris Barron's Slides




Arlan Suderman shared the status of the current local and world Ag economy. He discussed what's happening globally and the effects on current and future U.S. markets. Arlan showed staggering numbers and the severity of the African Swine Fever in China along with the shift we'll see in the demand for pork and other meats.

Arlan Suderman's Slides



Vince Wertman shared the benefits and options with inoculants and biologicals along with the advancements ABM has made with planter-box applications.

Vince Wertman's Slides