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Cornelius Seed Welcomes Joe Braudt as District Sales Manager in Wisconsin

[Boscobel, WI] — Cornelius Seed is thrilled to introduce Joe Braudt as the new District Sales Manager in Wisconsin, effective November 1st.

Prior to joining Cornelius Seed, Joe served as the Sales Manager at Fillback Automotive, gaining valuable leadership and sales expertise. However, he has vast experience in agriculture sales and operations.  Joe has planted Cornelius Seed for a number of years and he understands the unique challenges and opportunities that farmers face.  His passion for agriculture is evident.

Joe’s significant other Robyn and he have two young sons, Jack and Jamison Braudt.

He is excited to connect with our customers in the coming weeks to get to know their farming operations and provide valuable insights.

At Cornelius Seed we're committed to using our independence to bring farmers across Cornelius Country industry leading products from seed treatments to traits and genetics, driving your farm's profitability. PLANT IT. PROFIT.

Cornelius Seed is excited to have Joe Braudt as part of our team and looks forward to the positive impact he will bring to our customers and the company.