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Chris Cornelius Interview Featured in SeedWorld’s “For the Love of Ag”

Chris Cornelius was featured in SeedWorld's "For the Love of Ag"

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Chris Cornelius, executive assistant and public relations manager for Cornelius Seed, tells us how she works to spread the message of the seed industry and agriculture.

Seed World: What's your favorite film, and why?
Chris Cornelius: "The Man from Snowy River" with Kirk Douglas. The soundtrack is phenomenal, and the storyline of never, ever giving up and love conquering all pretty much does it for me.

SW: Favorite part of working in ag communications?
CC: Seeing the light come on in eyes of customers and consumers when they understand and buy into the agricultural message. It's gratifying knowing they get it.

SW: What do you want people to know?
CC: The seed industry is made up of people who believe the seed will sprout after it is planted. It's faith we each have in the process of raising crops that will, in turn, feed the people of the world. We are all about taking care of each other.

SW: Best part of working in a family business?
CC: Watching your children become amazing businessmen and women and showing the same passion for the business that generations before them had. Their thought processes and level of critical thinking make Cornelius Seed a good place to be. Traveling with my husband to meetings is always nice, too; we share a common goal.

SW: Worst part of working in a family business?
CC: Walking the fine line between being family and a co-worker/peer.

SW: How do you educate others about agriculture?
CC: By walking the talk. We also run a cow-calf herd, and we share stories about taking care of our cattle – rain or shine, sickness and health. My daughter-in-law put together a series of agriculture-related posters with a sports theme. We posted them at a local basketball tournament, and it was fun to watch all the people absorb the message.

SW: Advice for others in ag communications?
CC: Be transparent. Tell your story of agriculture. We are in the industry because we love it. Share that love with others.