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Maturity 111
Standability 8
Drydown 7
Test weight 7
Stay green 7
Early vigor 7
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Planting rate 32-37
Ear Type SemiDeterm.
Plant Height Medium
Ear Height Medium
Stalk Strength Very Good
Root Strength Very Good
Black Layer Medium
Gray Leaf Spot Very Good
First Generation Corn Borer
Second Generation Corn Borer
Ear Picking
Stress Tolerance Rating Very Good
Adapted Zones (Grain) 2,3,4
Adapted Zones (Silage) 2
Light Soils R
Corn-on-Corn R
No Till Cold Soils R
High Disease Pressure/Heavy Residue HR
High Fertility, High Yield Environment HR
Marginal Fertility R
15-24 inch Rows R
Adapted to Delayed Harvest R
Probable Response to Foliar Fungicides Very Good
Goss's Wilt Excellent
Tar Spot Good
Northern Corn Leaf Blight Very Good
Poorly Drained Soils R


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