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You can DEPEND on Cornelius Seed

Once again, we are in a period of disappearing seed brands. This past season alone more than ten seed corn brands have been discontinued through mergers, acquisitions, and downsizing. At one time, there were more than 750 seed corn brands in the United States, and now that number is under 200.

As recently as 1998 there were over 350 independent brands. Today there are less than 150 truly independent seed brands remaining. Cornelius Seed is still strong and growing, while many of the brands you were used to seeing have gone by the wayside.

Cornelius Seed is committed to being independent.

What does this independence mean to you?

Cornelius Seed has agreements in place to bring you the best genetics and biotech traits from multiple sources, including our own corn breeding program. Other seed brands are locked into bringing you only the traits and genetics their parent company offers. We have full freedom to operate and make decisions based on what’s right for you and not Wall Street shareholders.

Cornelius Seed is one of very few independent seed companies who produces and markets seed under their own brand. We select and develop hybrids and varieties best suited to our targeted market area, what we like to call Cornelius Country. We plant, detassel, harvest, dry, condition, treat, package, sell, and service our own corn and soybeans. We control selection and seed quality from day one, ensuring only the best products end up in your planter. Most seed brands only market seed produced by others. We want complete control from start to finish of what goes in our bag.

Cornelius Seed is owned and operated by the Cornelius family, with the 5th generation active in management. We are a farm family like yours. We know the value and rewards of hard work, long days, and doing things the right way. Just like you, we have suffered through droughts, floods, hail storms, late springs, early freezes, and short crops. We have also been blessed with great growing seasons and bumper crops, which keep us going. We understand the challenges and triumphs you face every day as an American farmer.

You can depend on Cornelius Seed to bring you the latest and most elite seed genetics for your farm. You can depend on Cornelius Seed being here for you year after year. You can depend on Cornelius Seed to bring you great value. You can depend on Cornelius Seed for the best quality seed and competitive yields. And you can depend on Cornelius Seed to help you deliver the most profit on every acre.

Thank you for your past and future business.

Plant it. Profit.®

Charles Cornelius
President, Cornelius Seed