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Not all seed is created equal.

Today seed quality is more important than ever. There is a common belief that all seed companies have high-quality seed. However, research has shown as much as 15 percent yield difference between seed lots of the same hybrid even though both lots meet industry-standard minimum germination percentages. At Cornelius Seed we strive to provide our customers with the highest-quality seed to help ensure they maximize profits on every acre. While all companies’ seed meets the specs on their label, few can match the quality and vigor Cornelius puts in the bag.

The process of maximizing seed corn quality begins in our production fields and ends with proper seed placement in your soil. Every step in between can affect seed quality. We take extra measures above and beyond other seed producers to provide the absolute best seed quality possible. Our seed quality far exceeds industry standards.

Production is personally managed by the Cornelius family to ensure maximum quality. We have splendid natural isolations to provide awesome purity. Maximum seed quality is achieved at black layer so we time the harvest of every hybrid, hand sort the ears, and dry them with high air volume and low temperature to provide the highest possible germination and seed vigor.

Extra care is taken to handle the seed as gently as possible throughout the shelling, conditioning, and packaging processes. Shorter drops, gentle transitions, Soft-Size® seed sizing, color sorting, extra cleaning steps, and supervision separate us from other producers in the industry.

There are genetic differences between hybrids that influence seed quality and vigor. Sometimes the highest-yielding hybrids are somewhat challenged to achieve elite quality. It is important to do everything we can to give these hybrids the best possible quality.

We continually evaluate new seed treatments and select the best packages to protect the seed to help provide you with the best possible stand. Seed treatments help protect the seed but will not improve seed quality. It is what is on the inside of the seed that is the most important.

We are a family owned and operated seed company whose focus is on our customers’ profitability first. Every decision we make is based on the needs of our farmers and the impact on their family farm operations. This provides each farmer with ultimate security, flexibility, stability, and profitability in the products he plants on his farm with his name, from the bag of seed with our name.

Plant it. Profit.®

Charles Cornelius
President, Cornelius Seed